Record-Setting Year

KWKC is dedicated to empowering young adults to discover their life missions in order to unlock their greatest potential.

But we also must practice what we preach. That means we have to strive to unlock our greatest potential, too. To do that, we set some pretty big goals for 2022.

Thanks to the support of our donors, coaches, and instructors, we set records in our three pillar programs: events, coaching, and scholarships!

2022: Setting Events Records

We knew that in order to empower more young adults to achieve their goals, we had to start with the foundation: Quantum Leap events.

In 2022, we celebrated:

2022: Setting Coaching Records

Each young adult ages 18–28 who attends a QL event is encouraged to apply for our three-month coaching program. Those who are accepted receive personalized guidance from a KW MAPS or Business MAPS coach.

In 2022, we awarded coaching to more QL graduates than ever.

The young adults in our coaching program receive six one-on-one coaching sessions, an invaluable asset for those dedicated to their personal and professional growth.

2022: Setting Scholarship Records

After completing their coaching, Quantum Leap graduates qualify to apply for Fund My Mission Scholarships (FMM) of up to $10,000. These scholarships empower recipients to pursue their life’s mission and receive support turning their dream into reality.

In 2022, we awarded more scholarships than ever before.

FMM scholarships are not limited to traditional continuing education paths. Though they can be used to help cover college tuition, FMM scholarships can be applied toward certification courses, training programs, private lessons and coaching, and more.

2023: A Year of Potential

It’s truly incredible to witness someone’s Quantum Leap journey. Just like the young adults we support, we’re committed to personal and professional growth in pursuit of our mission.

That’s why we’ve set our sights higher than ever before for 2023.

We’ve got big plans, including:

  • Adding another coaching and scholarship period to ensure there are more opportunities for young adults to benefit
  • Increasing scholarship funds awarded by 33%
  • Impacting more young adults than ever through our events

There’s never been a better time to support the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. You can give a year-end gift here.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.