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Meet the Spring 2022 Fund My Mission Scholarship Winners

Three times a year, KWKC Fund My Mission Scholarships are awarded to ambitious young adults who are working to achieve their life’s mission. After attending at least one event and completing the 3-month coaching program, any student ages 18–28 is eligible to apply for a scholarship.

If accepted for a Fund My Mission Scholarship, KWKC will give that student up to $5,000 to put toward costs associated with reaching their career goals, including:

  1. Continuing education
  2. Training
  3. Certifications
  4. Masterclasses 
  5. Specialized lessons

This spring, sixteen all-star students were awarded Fund My Mission Scholarships to pursue making their dreams into realities!

Spring 2022 Fund My Mission Scholarships Winners


Aidan Nadell

Dresher, PA

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to provide positivity, philanthropy, and perspective through writing, speaking, and producing social media content that reflects my experiences as a student and lifelong learner.”


Amelia Boud

Durham, NC

What was Awarded:
Financial Coach Master Training Certification
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to be a leader who inspires people to live genuinely and abundantly, and to create amazing opportunities for those around me.”


Christopher Forest

East Charlotte, NC

What was Awarded:
CPCC Early Childhood Development Courses

“My mission in life is to stress the importance of literacy awareness to the youth by proposing my ideas, hearing others out and sharing my personal experiences at reading nights hosted by myself at Title One schools at least once a semester, which will increase interaction, confidence and vocabulary.”


Rachel Bell

Apopka, FL

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“My mission statement is to impact the lives of those around me with the use of my knowledge and faith.”


Dominique Childers

Pueblo, CO

What was Awarded:
Four Months of MASTERY COACHING with Business MAPS

“Live life freely and authentically.”


Gregory Benedikt

Solana Beach, CA

What was Awarded:
Leadership Coaching Certificate

“My mission in life is to help people realize their potential.”


Jaliyah Martin

Oklahoma City, OK

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“My mission statement is: I fuel my passion with boldness, wonder and have a vision for growth in myself and others, while seeing lives changed, succeeding and helping others succeed. I demonstrate humility in my commitment to giving of my time and money and resources.”


Jannat Chowdhury

Upper Darby, PA

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to not be the best in the world but do the best for the world through community service, implementing volunteerism, supporting nonprofit organizations, and spreading social justice.”


Joshua Napier

Plano, TX

What was Awarded:
College Tuition
Required Materials for Watchmaking Masterclass

“The mission for my life is to transform the independent watchmaking market and turn the watch community’s attention to American watchmaking by designing and hand crafting the highest quality handmade watches.”


Lakaylah Gage

Hamburg, NJ

What was Awarded: 
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to promote open-mindedness, inclusivity, compassion, unity, and happiness through forms of entertainment.”


Nikita Patton

Morganville, NJ

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“My mission for life is to inspire people’s creative voices to create community and ongoing positivity throughout other communities through content.”


Olivia Blasco

Bethlehem, PA

What was Awarded:
Business and Online Training Conference

“My mission is to make people look and feel beautiful while maintaining healthy beauty.”


Shamiah Naff


What was Awarded:
College Tuition
BOLD Conference

“My mission is to educate my community on financial literacy while building generational wealth for my family and leaving a legacy.”


Shqiponja Likaj

Philadelphia, PA

What was Awarded: 
Family Reunion Ticket and Travel
KWYP Annual Membership

“The mission for my life is to be the first in my family to create generational wealth for my loved ones while helping others gain financial security through real estate.”


Tomas Llano

Austin, TX

What was Awarded:
Four Months of MASTERY COACHING w/ Business MAPS

“To leave a legacy in the world by building wealth through helping people.”


Eric Browne

Austin, TX

What was Awarded:
Securities Licensing Courses and Exams
Glenn Smith Executive Coaching

“My mission is to see my clients pursue their dreams and aspirations by providing financial peace of mind through a long-term, trusted advisory relationship with them.”

If you know a young adult ages 18–28 who would benefit from free self-development events, coaching, and scholarships, encourage them to get started by exploring our events today!

What Is the Fund My Mission Scholarship?


KWKC is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to empowering young adults to unlock their greatest potential. One of the ways we do this is through the Fund My Mission Scholarship, a grant awarded to young adults three times annually, that can be applied to access professional resources needed to fulfill career aspirations. 

Recipients of KWKC Fund My Mission Scholarships are awarded up to $5,000 to help finance continuing education, training, coaching, or certifications that align with the fulfillment of their personal life mission.

How to Qualify for a Fund My Mission Scholarship

In order to qualify for a Fund My Mission Scholarship, you’ll need to complete two steps.

  1. First, you need to attend a KWKC event, either online or in person. New events are added regularly, so there are always KWKC event opportunities to check out. We have courses on a range of topics, from mastering the basics of money to learning how to crush your goals.
  2. Second, you need to complete our 3-month coaching program. All students ages 18-28 who attend an event can apply for the 3-month Quantum Leap (QL) Coaching program. Through this program, coaches work directly with students to accelerate their progress toward achieving their goals.

Once you have completed your 3-month QL Coaching Program, you’re eligible to apply for the Fund My Mission Scholarship. 

How to Use Your Fund My Mission Scholarship

Fund My Mission Scholarships can be used in a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals. Previous recipients have been awarded funds for pursuing continuing education through: college tuition, masterclasses, certification, specialized lessons, professional training. 

We understand that your life mission is unique. We’re here to help you fund that mission, whatever that might look like. Here are just a few ways the Fund My Mission Scholarships have helped other students. 



Her Fund my mission scholarship funded additional training and coaching in Shayla’s pursuit of becoming a real estate agent.


Joseph’s scholarship funded the coaching resources to help him use his hiphop music to inspire people to live out their dreams.


Elena’s scholarship went toward business coaching to help her Become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

If you have a dream you want to pursue, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship today, and you could receive up to $5,000 to help fund your life’s mission. 

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