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A Look Back at 2021

We’re passionate about helping young adults worldwide unlock their potential. We’re so grateful to our community for making 2021 such an incredible success. 

Take a look at everything there is to celebrate this year, starting with the faces of just a few of our scholarship recipients!

Encouraging Self-Development through Curriculum

Personal development unlocks potential and possibility, empowering young entrepreneurs to live out their dreams. In 2021, we continued to offer self- and career-development events online, as well as in person when it was safe to do so.





By launching a new course—Crush Your Goals with a GPS—more students learned how to set SMART goals and break them into actionable, achievable steps.

And for the first time, native Spanish speakers could benefit from the KWKC curriculum when we introduced Own Your Life: Create Your MVVBP in Spanish (Sé Dueńo de Tu Vida: Crea Tu MVVCP).

Guiding Students toward their Goals through Coaching

Every student ages 18–28 who attended an event in 2021 qualified to apply for Quantum Leap coaching. This three-month program provides young adults with personalized guidance from a KW MAPS or Business MAPS coach.


Students Coached


Worth of Coaching Sessions Provided

Through six one-on-one coaching sessions, these special young adults learned how to accelerate their success in accomplishing their personal goals.

Turning Dreams into Realities through Scholarships

After completing their coaching, Quantum Leap graduates qualify to apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship of up to $5,000. These scholarships empower recipients to pursue their life’s mission.




Awarded in Scholarships

In 2021, scholarships recipients were able to cover costs toward college tuition, certification courses, training programs, and more.

A Big Vision for 2022

We believe that each one of us has a unique purpose in this life. Ours is to empower and equip the next generation to remove limiting beliefs, take action, and live a big life.

We’re proud of everything accomplished in 2021 to fulfill this mission. But we know there are even bigger things in store for 2022! We can’t wait to share it all with you.

How Quantum Leap Changed Nikki’s Life

Nikki Miller's Story

Nikki Miller is a prolific KWKC instructor and board member. In her early twenties, Nikki was introduced to the Quantum Leap program. That experience altered the entire course of her life. She shares her story below:


We’re so grateful to Nikki for sitting down to share a few of her main takeaways from her experience with KWKC and Quantum Leap training. 

QL changed Nikki’s life, and it can do the same for any other young adult looking to figure out who they want to become.

Anyone ages 18–28 who attends a KWKC event and completes our three-month coaching qualifies to apply for a scholarship. Events are added regularly. If you’re ready to accelerate your success like Nikki, you can sign up for an event today!



A Reintroduction to KWKC

Since our founding in 2015, KW Kids Can (KWKC) has grown tremendously. With so many new faces, it’s about time we reintroduced ourselves to this incredible community!

KWKC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides self- and career-development events, professional coaching, and scholarships to young adults ages 18–28. We began under the guidance of entrepreneur Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams Realty—the world’s largest real estate franchise. 

The vision was to help younger generations let go of self-doubt and self-imposed limitations so they could maximize their potential and live fulfilled lives.

The KWKC Mission

At KWKC, we fundamentally believe that everyone has a unique purpose—their own dreams and their own path to success. But we know it can be overwhelming to figure out what you want to do with your life.

That’s why we’re passionate about helping every young adult discover their own life’s mission and equipping them with resources and training to live it out.

The Foundation: The KWKC Curriculum

KWKC’s curriculum and resources are all fueled by a proprietary training program called Quantum Leap (QL). QL equips individuals with a set of tools that helps them define and achieve their own version of success. 

Year-round, KWKC offers donation-based events centered on six self-development courses, including Quantum Leap. These events help attendees accelerate their success by learning how to do things such as:

 Create a personal mission statement

  • Develop a growth mindset

  • Build a plan to achieve their goals

  • Manage their money

  • Make wiser decisions

When COVID hit, we knew that now more than ever, young adults needed extra guidance in finding a path forward to living a full life.

We pivoted from only in-person events to hosting courses online as well. The move to including virtual options has increased our reach and the impact we can have on young adults across the nation.


Events hosted over 6 years

The Second Step: Quantum Leap Coaching

Our curriculum provides a strong foundation for self-development, but we don’t stop there. After attending an event, anyone ages 18–28 qualifies to apply for three months of one-on-one QL coaching.

Those accepted into the QL coaching program are assured individualized support from a KW MAPS or Business MAPS coach. Every student will have their own coach, helping them map out a plan of action to achieve their goals.


Students coached over 2 years

The Next Level: Fund My Mission Scholarships

Students who complete the three-month coaching program are encouraged to apply for a Fund My Mission (FMM) Scholarship. FMM Scholarships are designed to help young adults finance the pursuit of their dreams.

Recipients of FMM Scholarships are awarded up to $5,000 to help cover the costs of education, training, coaching, or certifications that align with the fulfillment of their personal life mission.


Awarded in scholarships over 2 years

If you know of anyone who can benefit from KWKC’s events, coaching, or scholarships, spread the word about these free resources. Together, we can ensure the next generations are equipped to maximize their potential!


What Is QL Quarter?

We are dedicated to empowering young adults to unlock their greatest potential. So we’re finishing 2021 with a bang with Quantum Leap (QL) Quarter!

QL Quarter is a special time of year when our instructors work together to host as many events as possible in order to benefit as many students as possible! 

We’ve set a goal of hosting 60 events by December 31 to help students find inspiration and direction before heading into the New Year. 

Through each event, attendees will receive the tools they need to remove limiting beliefs, take action, and live a big life.

Getting involved:

How Young Adults Can Participate in QL Quarter

Register for an event. Taking a few hours of your time to attend one of our in-person or online events will legitimately “CHANGE YOUR LIFE,” in the words of previous students. 

The founder and CEO of Keller Williams Realty, Gary Keller, designed this curriculum to help young people shift their mindsets, relinquish limiting beliefs, and learn to live big. Gary started Keller Williams when he was in his twenties, and it’s grown to become the biggest real estate company in the world. You can trust that his advice is based on experience!

How Family and Friends Can Participate in QL Quarter

Spread the word about our events. You likely know someone who would benefit from one of our courses! From personal growth to mastering money, all of our curriculum is geared around offering motivation, guidance, and direction to help young adults answer the big question they’re all asking: “Now what?”

Qualifying for Coaching and Scholarships

All young adults ages 18–28 who attend an event during QL Quarter will qualify to apply for three months of free coaching and a Fund My Mission Scholarship up to $5,000.

Look what we’ve given out already this year:

Average 2021 Fund My Mission Scholarship:


Total Scholarships awarded in 2021:


Total FMM Funds awarded in 2021:


The opportunity for free education, motivation, and potential financial assistance to pursue big dreams is right here. It’s up to you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and share it with others.

    • Change your Life.

    • Chase Your Dreams.

    • Start your journey with a QL Event.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

How to Apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship

How to Apply for the

Fund My Mission Scholarship

If you are 18-28 years old, you may be eligible to apply for a $5,000 Fund My Mission Scholarship. Fund My Mission Scholarships are designed to help you fulfill your personal life mission by providing financial support for the education, training, coaching, or certifications you need to follow your dreams. 

To apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship, follow these four easy steps, also outlined in the student success cycle, on the right.

Step 1. Attend a KWKC Event

For any young adult looking to define their life’s mission, the first step is to attend an event with KWKC, either online or in person. Events are offered regularly on a wide range of topics, all based on Quantum Leap (QL) curriculum, so you’re sure to find a KWKC event that interests you!

Step 2. Join the Graduate Community.

After you’ve completed your event, join the graduate community on Facebook. Surround yourself with like-minded students who are also striving to fulfill their personal life mission.

Step 3. Complete Quantum Leap Coaching

Once you’ve attended a KWKC event, you are eligible to apply for our 3-month coaching program. QL Coaching is offered three times a year and must be completed prior to applying for a Fund My Mission Scholarship.

Step 4. Fill Out Your Scholarship Application

Once you’ve completed those three steps, you are eligible to apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship. In order to apply, you will need to share with us:

    • Your personal mission statement

    • Why your mission is important to you

    • Your most impactful experience with Quantum Leap 

    • A GPS for your most important 1-year goal

    • An explanation of your financial need

You can find more details about everything you’ll need for your Fund My Mission Scholarship application here. 

If you need help creating your personal mission statement or learning how to implement a GPS, we have two in-depth guides that you can use.  

When you’re ready, you can submit your Fund My Mission Scholarship application during one of our three open application periods. Applications are accepted in January, May, and September.

Ready to pursue your dreams? Apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship here.


Meet the Fall 2021 Fund My Mission Scholarship Winners

Three times a year, KWKC Fund My Mission Scholarships are awarded to ambitious young adults who are working to achieve their life’s mission. After attending at least one event and completing the 3-month coaching program, any student ages 18–28 is eligible to apply for a scholarship. 

If accepted for a Fund My Mission Scholarship, KWKC will give that student up to $5,000 to put toward costs associated with reaching their career goals, including: 

  1. Continuing education
  2. Training
  3. Certifications
  4. Masterclasses 
  5. Specialized lessons

This fall, we have 13 all-star students who’ve been awarded the Fund My Mission Scholarships.

Fall 2021 Fund My Mission Scholarships Winners:


Ammar Jannat Chowdhury

Upper Darby, PA

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to be the best in the world but to do the best for the world through community service, implementing volunteerism, and spreading social justice.”


Daljit Dhanjal

Brampton, Canada

What was Awarded:
2022 QL Summit Ticket
MAPS Business Coaching

“The mission for my life is to build a sense of community and togetherness by inspiring others through example and empowering the next generation to embrace their highest potential and live a life according to their own personal values.”


Michael Wlodarczyk

East Stroudsburg, PA

What was Awarded:
2022 QL Summit Ticket
KWYP Membership 

“The mission for my life is to lead and inspire others to explore the gifts within them and help them grow into their best selves.”


Rachel Bell

Apopka, FL

What was Awarded:
College Tuition, Books & Lab Kits

“The mission for my life is to be a generational changer with the use of my knowledge, actions, and faith.”


Yesenia Salinas

Cypress, TX

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to heal others through my ability to connect deeply with others using compassion.”


Victor Doolin

Oklahoma City, OK

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to be the first in my family to create generational wealth using my architecture degree and throughout other business ventures in the future.


Kim Ontiveros

Moore, OK

What was Awarded:
Cosmetology Certification Courses
Accelerated Management Courses 

“The mission for my life is providing a safe , comfortable , & structured salon environment that will be based on helping people gain confidence , a self care regimen , & balance within my beauty brand & salon. “


Jaliyah Martin

Oklahoma City, OK

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to fuel MY passion with Boldness, Wonder, and have a vision for Growth in myself and others, while seeing lives changed, succeeding and helping others succeed.”


Shamiah Naff

Oklahoma City, OK

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to educate my community on financial literacy while building generational wealth for my family and leaving a legacy. “


Timothy Council

Moore, OK

What was Awarded: 
Venture Finance Program
Sandlor Summit

“The mission for my life is to Franchise my brokerage and employ others within my community. Helping me build a strong team of leaders that will make a change in the Real estate  world.”


Lively Baranco


What was Awarded:
College Tuition
MasterClass Membership

“The mission for my life is to assist young adults in becoming leaders by promoting creative ideas and forward thinking in the development of technology solutions that will benefit others.”


Mckenzie Davis

San Diego, CA

What was Awarded:
College Tuition & Books
2022 QL Summit Ticket

“The mission for my life is to advocate for those need with humility and compassion. I want my ambition and vision for the future to not only include myself but those around me everyday.”


Faith Jacobson

Port Charlotte, FL

What was Awarded:
MAPS Mastery Coaching

“The mission for my life is to help others through asking questions, listening to understand, leadership, and organization within the real estate industry.”

*2022 QL Summit Ticket (Up to $500 in airfare & Up to $200/night hotel) and 4 Month MAPS Business Coaching

Fund My Mission Scholarships are awarded three times a year to eligible young adults, ages 18-28, who have completed the 3-month Quantum Leap Coaching Program.