How We Celebrated Black History Month

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” – Mae C. Jemison 🚀⁠

Mae Jemison is the first black female astronaut to travel into space. She became a doctor and served in the Peace Corps all BEFORE serving as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor.⁠ 

Her career continues today and it’s incredible to watch the evolution of her remarkable journey. Mae reminds us that anything is truly possible.⁠

In honor of Black History Month, we have featured some of our incredible black instructors and students among our community who are an integral part of the KWKC family. Here are a few of their stories.


QL graduate, Joesph Harrison, aka Joe Dreamz, is making his mission happen.⁠

It might sound straightforward, yet his mission has proven very effective: Inspire people to live their “dreamz”.⁠ He makes music, videos, sells merch and even has BIG plans to create a movie or media company one day!⁠

Gewel Richardson, is taking action toward her mission. Read her own words.

“I just graduated with a dual masters degree in Engineering and Science focusing in Sustainable Smart Cities. Earlier this year I ran for School Board in the same county I attended school in to be the voice for so many of the youth, especially our people of color that were not receiving the appropriate resources to be change-makers in their own right.

The mission of my life is to embrace our brilliance, innovate our excellence, educate our future by instilling in the youth the confidence to be change-makers in the world.”

Chris Baker is a father, Philanthropist, and Air Force, veteran. He’s also been a top-performing real estate agent in the North Florida region for over 14 years and a board member at KWKC. 

Chris has been an instructor with KWKC since 2016 and has impacted the lives of over 300 young leaders in the process. In 2020 he helped us coordinate our most successful fundraiser ever helping us raise more than $200k in less than a week. We are so grateful for his leadership and our students are too. 


Chase Sloan is a businesswoman, empowerment speaker and QL instructor from Houston, TX, and she’s been with KWKC since the very beginning.

Since 2015, she’s impacted the lives of nearly 250 young adults and raised over $21k! She is always hosting KWKC events so check out the events tab if you want to take one of her classes.


Lorenza Boone is a father, veteran, and owner of a multi-million dollar producing real estate group in North Carolina.


He first experienced QL in his mid 20s, and its principles equipped him with the leadership skills and motivation to achieve what he wanted most out of life.⁠

He is passionate about empowering young people and providing them with the tools to be better decision makers, move beyond obstacles, and increase their productivity.⁠


This is #WhyWeCelebrate Black History Month.

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