What Is QL Quarter?

We are dedicated to empowering young adults to unlock their greatest potential. So we’re finishing 2021 with a bang with Quantum Leap (QL) Quarter!

QL Quarter is a special time of year when our instructors work together to host as many events as possible in order to benefit as many students as possible! 

We’ve set a goal of hosting 60 events by December 31 to help students find inspiration and direction before heading into the New Year. 

Through each event, attendees will receive the tools they need to remove limiting beliefs, take action, and live a big life.

Getting involved:

How Young Adults Can Participate in QL Quarter

Register for an event. Taking a few hours of your time to attend one of our in-person or online events will legitimately “CHANGE YOUR LIFE,” in the words of previous students. 

The founder and CEO of Keller Williams Realty, Gary Keller, designed this curriculum to help young people shift their mindsets, relinquish limiting beliefs, and learn to live big. Gary started Keller Williams when he was in his twenties, and it’s grown to become the biggest real estate company in the world. You can trust that his advice is based on experience!

How Family and Friends Can Participate in QL Quarter

Spread the word about our events. You likely know someone who would benefit from one of our courses! From personal growth to mastering money, all of our curriculum is geared around offering motivation, guidance, and direction to help young adults answer the big question they’re all asking: “Now what?”

Qualifying for Coaching and Scholarships

All young adults ages 18–28 who attend an event during QL Quarter will qualify to apply for three months of free coaching and a Fund My Mission Scholarship up to $5,000.

Look what we’ve given out already this year:

Average 2021 Fund My Mission Scholarship:


Total Scholarships awarded in 2021:


Total FMM Funds awarded in 2021:


The opportunity for free education, motivation, and potential financial assistance to pursue big dreams is right here. It’s up to you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and share it with others.

    • Change your Life.

    • Chase Your Dreams.

    • Start your journey with a QL Event.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

How to Apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship

How to Apply for the
Fund My Mission Scholarship

If you are 18-28 years old, you may be eligible to apply for a $5,000 Fund My Mission Scholarship. Fund My Mission Scholarships are designed to help you fulfill your personal life mission by providing financial support for the education, training, coaching, or certifications you need to follow your dreams. 

To apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship, follow these four easy steps, also outlined in the student success cycle, on the right.

Step 1. Attend a KWKC Event

For any young adult looking to define their life’s mission, the first step is to attend an event with KWKC, either online or in person. Events are offered regularly on a wide range of topics, all based on Quantum Leap (QL) curriculum, so you’re sure to find a KWKC event that interests you!

Step 2. Join the Graduate Community.

After you’ve completed your event, join the graduate community on Facebook. Surround yourself with like-minded students who are also striving to fulfill their personal life mission.

Step 3. Complete Quantum Leap Coaching

Once you’ve attended a KWKC event, you are eligible to apply for our 3-month coaching program. QL Coaching is offered three times a year and must be completed prior to applying for a Fund My Mission Scholarship.

Step 4. Fill Out Your Scholarship Application

Once you’ve completed those three steps, you are eligible to apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship. In order to apply, you will need to share with us:

    • Your personal mission statement

    • Why your mission is important to you

    • Your most impactful experience with Quantum Leap 

    • A GPS for your most important 1-year goal

    • An explanation of your financial need

You can find more details about everything you’ll need for your Fund My Mission Scholarship application here. 

If you need help creating your personal mission statement or learning how to implement a GPS, we have two in-depth guides that you can use.  

When you’re ready, you can submit your Fund My Mission Scholarship application during one of our three open application periods. Applications are accepted in January, May, and September.

Ready to pursue your dreams? Apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship here.


Meet the Fall 2021 Fund My Mission Scholarship Winners

Three times a year, KWKC Fund My Mission Scholarships are awarded to ambitious young adults who are working to achieve their life’s mission. After attending at least one event and completing the 3-month coaching program, any student ages 18–28 is eligible to apply for a scholarship. 

If accepted for a Fund My Mission Scholarship, KWKC will give that student up to $5,000 to put toward costs associated with reaching their career goals, including: 

  1. Continuing education
  2. Training
  3. Certifications
  4. Masterclasses 
  5. Specialized lessons

This fall, we have 13 all-star students who’ve been awarded the Fund My Mission Scholarships.

Fall 2021 Fund My Mission Scholarships Winners:


Ammar Jannat Chowdhury

Upper Darby, PA

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to be the best in the world but to do the best for the world through community service, implementing volunteerism, and spreading social justice.”


Daljit Dhanjal

Brampton, Canada

What was Awarded:
2022 QL Summit Ticket
MAPS Business Coaching

“The mission for my life is to build a sense of community and togetherness by inspiring others through example and empowering the next generation to embrace their highest potential and live a life according to their own personal values.”


Michael Wlodarczyk

East Stroudsburg, PA

What was Awarded:
2022 QL Summit Ticket
KWYP Membership 

“The mission for my life is to lead and inspire others to explore the gifts within them and help them grow into their best selves.”


Rachel Bell

Apopka, FL

What was Awarded:
College Tuition, Books & Lab Kits

“The mission for my life is to be a generational changer with the use of my knowledge, actions, and faith.”


Yesenia Salinas

Cypress, TX

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to heal others through my ability to connect deeply with others using compassion.”


Victor Doolin

Oklahoma City, OK

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to be the first in my family to create generational wealth using my architecture degree and throughout other business ventures in the future.


Kim Ontiveros

Moore, OK

What was Awarded:
Cosmetology Certification Courses
Accelerated Management Courses 

“The mission for my life is providing a safe , comfortable , & structured salon environment that will be based on helping people gain confidence , a self care regimen , & balance within my beauty brand & salon. “


Jaliyah Martin

Oklahoma City, OK

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to fuel MY passion with Boldness, Wonder, and have a vision for Growth in myself and others, while seeing lives changed, succeeding and helping others succeed.”


Shamiah Naff

Oklahoma City, OK

What was Awarded:
College Tuition

“The mission for my life is to educate my community on financial literacy while building generational wealth for my family and leaving a legacy. “


Timothy Council

Moore, OK

What was Awarded: 
Venture Finance Program
Sandlor Summit

“The mission for my life is to Franchise my brokerage and employ others within my community. Helping me build a strong team of leaders that will make a change in the Real estate  world.”


Lively Baranco


What was Awarded:
College Tuition
MasterClass Membership

“The mission for my life is to assist young adults in becoming leaders by promoting creative ideas and forward thinking in the development of technology solutions that will benefit others.”


Mckenzie Davis

San Diego, CA

What was Awarded:
College Tuition & Books
2022 QL Summit Ticket

“The mission for my life is to advocate for those need with humility and compassion. I want my ambition and vision for the future to not only include myself but those around me everyday.”


Faith Jacobson

Port Charlotte, FL

What was Awarded:
MAPS Mastery Coaching

“The mission for my life is to help others through asking questions, listening to understand, leadership, and organization within the real estate industry.”

*2022 QL Summit Ticket (Up to $500 in airfare & Up to $200/night hotel) and 4 Month MAPS Business Coaching

Fund My Mission Scholarships are awarded three times a year to eligible young adults, ages 18-28, who have completed the 3-month Quantum Leap Coaching Program. 

What Is the Fund My Mission Scholarship?


KWKC is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to empowering young adults to unlock their greatest potential. One of the ways we do this is through the Fund My Mission Scholarship, a grant awarded to young adults three times annually, that can be applied to access professional resources needed to fulfill career aspirations. 

Recipients of KWKC Fund My Mission Scholarships are awarded up to $5,000 to help finance continuing education, training, coaching, or certifications that align with the fulfillment of their personal life mission.

How to Qualify for a Fund My Mission Scholarship

In order to qualify for a Fund My Mission Scholarship, you’ll need to complete two steps.

  1. First, you need to attend a KWKC event, either online or in person. New events are added regularly, so there are always KWKC event opportunities to check out. We have courses on a range of topics, from mastering the basics of money to learning how to crush your goals.
  2. Second, you need to complete our 3-month coaching program. All students ages 18-28 who attend an event can apply for the 3-month Quantum Leap (QL) Coaching program. Through this program, coaches work directly with students to accelerate their progress toward achieving their goals.

Once you have completed your 3-month QL Coaching Program, you’re eligible to apply for the Fund My Mission Scholarship. 

How to Use Your Fund My Mission Scholarship

Fund My Mission Scholarships can be used in a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals. Previous recipients have been awarded funds for pursuing continuing education through: college tuition, masterclasses, certification, specialized lessons, professional training. 

We understand that your life mission is unique. We’re here to help you fund that mission, whatever that might look like. Here are just a few ways the Fund My Mission Scholarships have helped other students. 



Her Fund my mission scholarship funded additional training and coaching in Shayla’s pursuit of becoming a real estate agent.


Joseph’s scholarship funded the coaching resources to help him use his hiphop music to inspire people to live out their dreams.


Elena’s scholarship went toward business coaching to help her Become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

If you have a dream you want to pursue, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Apply for a Fund My Mission Scholarship today, and you could receive up to $5,000 to help fund your life’s mission. 

QL Summit 2021 Recap

Wow, what a week! QL Summit 2021 was an absolute blast, with three full days of inspiring, life-changing material. The Summit’s virtual format this year enabled hundreds of attendees to participate from any location. This made for energetic interactive exchanges between instructors and participants, and gave everyone the opportunity to raise questions and share insights. We’re certain that everyone involved in this year’s QL Summit walked away with something truly meaningful that has changed their future’s trajectory.

The Summit’s stellar lineup of successful thought leaders made a big impact on attendees. Facilitators provided guidance for setting a vision for one’s life, developing a personal mission, and creating a roadmap for the future. Audiences could totally relate to the personal, real-world experiences shared by instructors – they kept it real!



Hundreds of students tuned in to hear the INCREDIBLE Julia, “Never assume you don’t have something to add – you do. Never assume that you’re not valuable – you are.”

~ Julia Lashay Israel





“I get to spend the day with hundreds of young adults and leaders as they choose to take positive steps to live their best, most amazing lives!”

~ Jennie Wolek



No QL Summit would be complete without learning directly from the author himself: billionaire and Keller Williams’ Founder, Gary Keller. Through personal stories, thought-provoking examples and proven models, Gary showed attendees how to gain their edge and pursue their life’s mission. Attendees gained actionable tools to make better decisions, move past obstacles, and accelerate their results in all areas of life.

One of Gary’s book recommendations for all students he teaches. Here’s an excerpt: 

“There is a certain terror that goes along with saying ‘My life is up to me.’” It is scary to realize there’s no magic, you can’t just wait around, no one can really rescue you, and you have to do something. Not knowing what you want to do with your life – or not at least having some ideas about what to do next – is a defense against that terror. It is a resistance to admitting that the possibilities are not endless. It is a way of pretending that now doesn’t matter. Being confused about choices is nothing more than hoping that maybe there is a way to get through life without taking charge.”




“Taking a kick-butt course called Quantum Leap today with my real estate team led by the founder of my company – Gary Keller! Learning about the 4 productivity areas of a wealthy life.”

 ~ Kate Caselton




“My son had the opportunity to participate in Quantum Leap this weekend with Gary Keller and the fine folks at KWKC!…I just went into my office and found my son’s notes which means they’ve accomplished their mission. He listened way more to them than he ever would of me. All of my kids have had this opportunity and I wish everyone would send their young adults, it’s a game changer!”

~ Charlotte Savoy


This year’s Summit enabled young adults to connect with people from across the globe who share similar thoughts, dreams, and challenges. The deep peer-to-peer connections QL Summit made possible help attendees understand that they’re not alone, but instead are supported and validated in their quest for success.

Deepest gratitude to all who made QL Summit 2021 an unforgettable experience.

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How We Celebrated Black History Month

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” – Mae C. Jemison 🚀⁠

Mae Jemison is the first black female astronaut to travel into space. She became a doctor and served in the Peace Corps all BEFORE serving as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor.⁠ 

Her career continues today and it’s incredible to watch the evolution of her remarkable journey. Mae reminds us that anything is truly possible.⁠

In honor of Black History Month, we have featured some of our incredible black instructors and students among our community who are an integral part of the KWKC family. Here are a few of their stories.


QL graduate, Joesph Harrison, aka Joe Dreamz, is making his mission happen.⁠

It might sound straightforward, yet his mission has proven very effective: Inspire people to live their “dreamz”.⁠ He makes music, videos, sells merch and even has BIG plans to create a movie or media company one day!⁠

Gewel Richardson, is taking action toward her mission. Read her own words.

“I just graduated with a dual masters degree in Engineering and Science focusing in Sustainable Smart Cities. Earlier this year I ran for School Board in the same county I attended school in to be the voice for so many of the youth, especially our people of color that were not receiving the appropriate resources to be change-makers in their own right.

The mission of my life is to embrace our brilliance, innovate our excellence, educate our future by instilling in the youth the confidence to be change-makers in the world.”

Chris Baker is a father, Philanthropist, and Air Force, veteran. He’s also been a top-performing real estate agent in the North Florida region for over 14 years and a board member at KWKC. 

Chris has been an instructor with KWKC since 2016 and has impacted the lives of over 300 young leaders in the process. In 2020 he helped us coordinate our most successful fundraiser ever helping us raise more than $200k in less than a week. We are so grateful for his leadership and our students are too. 


Chase Sloan is a businesswoman, empowerment speaker and QL instructor from Houston, TX, and she’s been with KWKC since the very beginning.

Since 2015, she’s impacted the lives of nearly 250 young adults and raised over $21k! She is always hosting KWKC events so check out the events tab if you want to take one of her classes.


Lorenza Boone is a father, veteran, and owner of a multi-million dollar producing real estate group in North Carolina.


He first experienced QL in his mid 20s, and its principles equipped him with the leadership skills and motivation to achieve what he wanted most out of life.⁠

He is passionate about empowering young people and providing them with the tools to be better decision makers, move beyond obstacles, and increase their productivity.⁠


This is #WhyWeCelebrate Black History Month.

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Lack of Accountability…a Virus We Have the Power to Stop

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

This allegory demonstrates the slippery slope of personal accountability in a humorous way. Yet being accountable is no laughing matter. Management consultant Todd Herman defined personal accountability as “being willing to answer … for the outcomes resulting from your choices, behaviors, and actions.”

When you choose to be personally accountable, you take ownership of the situations that you’re involved in. You see them through, and you take responsibility for what happens – good or bad. Instead of blaming others if things go wrong, you do your best to make things right.

Life happens to all of us! We all experience situations that get in the way of the results we seek. Yet when you’re looking to get results, regardless of what they are, accountability is your greatest ally.


Personal accountability is not a skill or trait you are born with. Being accountable is a choice and a way of living that you can learn to employ. Use the strategies below to become more accountable.


Success in life only comes when you’re completely honest with yourself, and with others. Set aside your pride and be willing to admit when you’ve made a mistake.

And though honesty is always the best policy, don’t use it to blame others. Instead, focus on your own role in a situation, be courageously honest with yourself, and focus on how YOU can resolve the problem.


The bottom line when it comes to resolving issues is your ability to find solutions. Instead of focusing on who’s to blame or investing your energy into resentment or frustration, seek to find solutions instead. 

Regardless of whether you’re truly responsible for the situation or not, finding solutions is ALWAYS going to be more productive than finding fault. 


A personal mission statement may seem like an odd strategy for being more accountable, yet knowing what’s important to you and what you want your life to be about plays a big part in your level of personal accountability. Your personal mission statement defines what you are working toward each day. When you have clarity about this, your desire to be accountable will soar. 

People who are “on a mission” to accomplish something each day don’t have time to get bogged down in the trivial details of who did what and why. And that’s precisely what blame and fault finding are … trivial. 

Individuals who have clarity about their mission find solutions that bring them back to their path.


Lack of accountability is a contagious virus that infects the mind and paralyzes progress. It can quite literally be “the thing” that makes the difference between a life you love and… well one you don’t. 

Just like a virus, a persistent lack of accountability is often too small to be noticed (seen).  And so often we see a lack of accountability to be the problem of others, but here’s the rub—just like a virus, a lack of accountability is only able to multiply within the living cells of a host… THAT’S YOU. Whether or not it multiplies within you is entirely up to you!


We’ve already got one virus infecting the world, let’s each do our part to make sure there’s not another.

Because of QL, I’m Becoming the Mentor I Always Wanted

A #MyQLStory Spotlight Featuring Jordan L.

I love the quote from Alice In Wonderland, “If you don’t know where you are going then any road will get you there.”  The Cheshire Cat says it so well!

In order to leave the legacy you want to leave, you first have to know what you want that legacy to be; you have to know where you want to end up.

I’m fortunate in that from a very young age I have been a driven and dedicated person. QL has helped me couple that with a personal mission statement so I can really begin to focus on the things that matter most. 

Right now the mission statement I am dating is “To help others live life to the fullest potential through my leadership, teaching, and mentorship.”

I’m so blessed to have found the educational opportunities available within Keller Williams at such a young age. I have leaders and mentors above me who are consistently helping me to live life to its fullest potential. Coupling this with my passion for mentoring others has given me a road map for massive success in this life

My Biggest Takeaway.

This past July I had the privilege of attending the Quantum Leap Summit in Austin, TX. My biggest takeaway was how important it is to make sure I win in my 20% activities (those things that matter most) and not being so concerned with doing everything. And it was a big aha for me that I can apply this to all areas of my life, not just business.

As I am working toward truly living a big life and inspiring others to do the same, I continue to remind myself that not everything matters equally. For me, living a big life means getting to travel the world and chasing my dreams now. I’m of the opinion that it’s way more fun to live your life EVERY DAY instead of always saying, “well, someday…”

And I’m doing it! Not only will I be heading to Paris, France soon, I’m also close to completing my goal of summiting 100 unique peaks in one year. I’m calling it “Summit Century.” It’s been quite the journey!


I just hit peak #81, so I’m nearing the finish line!

How We’re Using Questions to Strengthen our Family While Social Distancing

A letter from the Director, Brandi Lauve

Hello, from my house to yours!

This week marks six months since we closed our office and moved to working from home! Like many of you, our lives have changed quite a bit since then. 

With three kids in elementary online school, two full-time working parents, and no outside organized activities, our world has gotten more complex. 

I’ve had some realizations about the positive byproducts of us sheltering in place; like the different activities my family and I are now enjoying at home. I have also experienced a mix of negative feelings like avoidance, grief and frustration.

Many moments have not been at my best. Like last night at dinner when my daughter screamed that I wasn’t being very loving when I sent her to her room before dinner. It was rough! 

Asking Great Questions is Key.

It’s in these moments that I’m left wondering how to decide what is more important when my children’s needs conflict with the things I’ve committed to that day.  I’m learning that asking great questions is key. When things get tense around here, like last night before dinner, I remind myself to ask what I want our story to be in 10 to 15 years. What do I want the COVID-19 pandemic story to be for my family? 

What I hope is that my children will share how much they enjoyed our family workouts, loved the extra baking, and the healthy meals. And most importantly, I want to be able to tell the story that we came out of 2020 a closer family. 

So once we all calmed down, I asked them what they wanted to continue to do after this extended(!) time at home. They all agreed that they enjoyed doing more at home as a family: talking, playing games, and drawing together. I’ll take it! 

I also posed a very important question to my husband.

“What are the most important steps we can take with our family and in our businesses right now so that we can tell the story we want to tell about this time?”

Our answer was to start communicating a lot about what is happening, stay consistent with our schedule, and stay positive and focused on what we want our lives to look like on the other side of this quarantine. 

Whether you have family at home or loved ones you are virtually spending time with, I encourage you to begin asking questions and see what kind of answers you get back.

This time of social distancing presents us with some great opportunities to thrive if we choose to embrace them. Why not take the time to explore these opportunities? 

Explore What is Available to You 

If you need somewhere to start, consider Maximize Your Potential, available now as a free download. This self-led guide walks you through a series of questions intended to help you forge a path forward toward a brighter future. Adaptable for most ages, this is a great workbook to explore with your family.

Today our family started off with the question,

“What would make today a great day for you?”

Our answers were: having fun, smiling, listening, and getting stuff done. Then we took a walk together around the neighborhood for our family workout. With all that is going on I’m more tired than ever, AND I’m still proud of us for sticking to a routine and getting up every day!

I hope that you find some ways to make it a great day for you, too. And I’d love to know what insights you discover from Maximize Your Potential… or just simply from asking great questions.

Enjoy the journey and stay healthy.