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Based on Gary Keller's productivity and life lessons course, Quantum Leap, QL is a one-day event that teaches young adults how to think like an entrepreneur, gain a competitive edge, and obtain their "unfair share" no matter what industry they pursue. 

Key concepts include:

  • Shifting Your Mindset
  • Developing Powerful Habits
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Building Wealth

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The Impact for Students

Through QL, students are empowered to achieve what they want in life. Many QL graduates go on to start their own businesses, some pursue higher education in light of their new goals, and others leave eager to focus on accelerating their professional growth. Most importantly, the curriculum equips every student with simple yet powerful tools to make better decisions, move past obstacles, and increase their productivity in all areas of life.

Audience: Ages 18-24

What Students Are Saying

"QL really got me thinking about what kind of life I want to make for myself. I am ready to start a new journey and find a career that excites me."           
- Jenna

"What I found was the most inspiring and blatantly obvious how-to guide on achieving anything in life I want."          
- Parker

"QL is perfect for those with big dreams as well as those who might not have a clear direction in life."
- Alex

"I left QL feeling inspired and ready to take on the world and start my own career."
 - Mackenzie

"My experience at QL was truly 'life changing!' I discovered my purpose in life. I'm more eager than ever to meet others like me and to change the world."          
- Brentin