Josh Napier supported himself through college. After graduation, he hoped to commemorate his hard work by purchasing a high-quality watch before entering the workforce. But exorbitant markups made most high-end watches unaffordable. Josh knew that wasn’t right. So he set out to fix it.

Finding Guidance through Quantum Leap

Josh attended a free KWKC course of Quantum Leap (QL) for Young Adults and began to lay the groundwork for his future. After attending, Josh qualified for three months of free professional coaching.

“In the 3 months that [my coach and I] worked together, I made more progress than I had in the entire previous year. She kept me focused and accountable. . . . Without Dawn, I would likely still be spinning my wheels.“
⁠Josh uses a precise watchmaking technique called guilloche and needed special training to move forward. Unfortunately, there are only two people in the world who offer guilloche training, and the pandemic affected Josh’s ability to set money aside for his watchmaking education.

But thankfully, Josh qualified for a scholarship through KWKC! Josh’s Fund My Mission Scholarship allowed him to travel to Switzerland and attend one-on-one training under a world-renowned watchmaker.

“I am confident the resources and education from this KWKC Scholarship will set me on the path to become one of the world’s best watchmakers and help me bring awareness to American watchmaking.”

Revolutionizing the Watch Industry

Josh has now launched his business, 5Mile Watches. He is committed to keeping guilloche alive in fulfillment of his mission to empower young professionals.

“I want to transform the watch industry to bring attention to U.S watchmakers so that young aspiring watchmakers could have access to the resources, education and mentorship that I didn’t. I believe that anyone should have access to education and resources to execute and achieve their dreams if they are willing to work for it.”
You can find Josh on Instagram @5milewatches.