We are driven by the impact we make in the lives of the next generation of leaders.


Our instructors host events across North America and Canada, teaching the QL curriculum to emerging entrepreneurs and the next generation of leaders.

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Through our instructor-led events, we’ve impacted the lives of more than 16,200 young adults.

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Since the inception of our Fund My Mission Scholarship in 2019, we’ve awarded more than $471K in scholarships to young adults striving to achieve their mission.


We have 161 instructors who volunteer their time to teach the QL curriculum in person and online.

Students Awarded Coaching

We’ve awarded 125 students free one-on-one coaching with a professional business coach to help accelerate their success and the fulfillment of their personal mission. 

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More than 2,100 young adults have joined us for our annual QL Summit, where they’ve learned directly from Gary Keller and created a mission for their life.

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we shatter and spark potential.

As we enter the next chapter of KWKC in 2021, we’ve set a high bar. This year, we plan to grant 50 Fund My Mission Scholarships of up to $5,000 each, host our second virtual QL Summit (with a record goal of 800 participants), and welcome more instructors into our KWKC community. We’re not stopping there — we’re also committed to offering 105 coaching scholarships with a KW MAPS or MAPS Business Coach (more than $150,000 in value)! 

We are driven to share the tools, knowledge, and resources we have available to equip young adults to take action, discover their own strengths, gifts and passions, and lead lives that positively impact others.

of impact

of impact

KWKC helped me identify my path to success.

After attending QL multiple times, I have been able to start my path to success using the strategies presented to me. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way as a result of the amazing work that KWKC does.

Without KWKC and QL, I would not have found the clarity to turn my ideas into actions.

— Jacob Hanlon, Student

KWKC has had a significant impact on my life.

KWKC has allowed me to see a reality for my mission, and has enabled me with the resources and tools to help fulfill my passion for empowering children. KWKC has helped me establish my WHY in life and has motivated me to truly live with purpose. I am very grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received from KWKC.

— Meera Patel, Student

With Special


We are grateful to be supported and inspired by our community of donors who support us both with monetary donations, as well as with the valuable gift of their time.

KW MAPS & MAPS Business coaches

Our work is not possible without the generosity of KW MAPS and MAPS Business Coaches who have partnered with KWKC to offer coaching to emerging entrepreneurs and our next generation leaders.

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