After a trip to Seattle, Clark Nowlin discovered “low-roast coffee,” a light, low-acid brew that didn’t cause any of the stomach discomfort he experienced from his classic cup of joe.

He knew he’d never go back. But low-roast coffee was (and still is) very difficult to source. So Clark was left with just one option: make it himself.

From there, the concept for Golden Ratio Coffee was born—and Clark became an entrepreneur.

The Power of Quantum Leap

But Clark’s entrepreneurial journey actually began much earlier. Clark was one of the first young adults to experience Quantum Leap through KWKC.


“Quantum Leap was really one of the first impactful things. . . . [Something Gary says] that was perspective-shifting for me was, ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me.’ That was something I never realized. Everybody else in the world who founded a company are people who are no smarter than me or you. They basically just realized that if things weren’t as they’d like them to be, they have the initiative and the power to personally make change.”


Watch Clark’s story of QL, entrepreneurship, and of course, caffeine!


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