QL Summit 2023 may be over, but we’re still riding high from the incredible experience! 

Every year, we’re newly inspired by Quantum Leap and listening to the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs share their newfound life missions.

We hope you enjoy this recap!

3 Quantum Leap Quotes from Gary Keller

In the 1990s, Gary Keller realized that he was operating under specific systems and models that were leading him to repeated success. Eventually, he formalized his methodologies into what we now know as Quantum Leap

We are so grateful to have him join us every year at QL Summit to teach these systems to the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Every minute of his all-day presentation is packed with actionable advice and compelling insights. Here are 3 of our favorite take-aways from Gary this year!

“Pick a purpose right now. The faster you choose, the closer you will get to the right one.” —Gary Keller

“If you’re unwilling to do whatever it takes within the boundaries of your values, you’re probably going to be disappointed.” —Gary Keller

“If you didn’t create yourself, somebody or something else did.” —Gary Keller

Empowering Young Adults through QL

Hundreds of young adults ages 18–28 joined us both in Austin and virtually to learn how to: 

  • Define their life’s mission
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Embrace the systems that lead to living a BIG life

Here’s what just a few of them had to say about their QL Summit experience:

“When talking about writing the mission statement for your life, it’s easy to overthink and want to make it perfect. But when you just get it down to how you want to wake up and live your life every day . . . what does that look like to you?” —Tatum Teel

“Always remember to surround yourself with people who you believe are more powerful, more experienced, or “better” than you. These people will help pull you toward their direction. Never stop leveling up your life. Think big, dream bigger, build your desired life.” —Talia Hansen

“Quantum Leaping with Gary Keller 2023! 🚀💡✨ A mind-blowing experience filled with valuable insights and game-changing wisdom. Grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best and supercharge my personal development journey. Here’s to a future filled with endless possibilities!” —Safia Ghani

Experience QL Summit 2023 Yourself

If you’d like to experience Gary teaching Quantum Leap, you can get yourself a full recording of Gary’s QL session!