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KWKC Create Your Personal Mission Statement

Creating Your Personal Mission Statement

Big lives start with big dreams for your future. And while many of us have big dreams, much fewer of us achieve them. We want you to be among those that do!

Creating a personal mission statement provides you with a mechanism for learning what to say no to and what to say yes to, so that you can live the life you desire. Leverage this 15-minute exercise to create or clarify your personal mission.


crush your goals with a gps

The GPS (also known as a 1-3-5) is a goal setting tool designed to identify a very specific plan of action for achieving your goals. Leverage this self-guided workbook to create your GPS and take action on your future.


My 66 Day Challenge

It has been said that we do not decide our future; that instead, we decide our habits and our habits decide our future. Form a power habit in just 66 days with the 66-Day Challenge Calendar and transform your future.